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Fifty6 students meet in the Student Center East building. When the service begins, students will enter the auditorium to encounter a high-energy large group worship experience.  Large group time includes singing, announcements, games, age-appropriate teaching, testimonies, sketches, and often a video clip which will help support the teaching.  Leaders sit with their students as they listen and learn how to apply Biblical truth to their lives.

Following the large group experience, each student will get together with their leader and head to their small group. These groups are designed to help process biblical topics, talk through issues relevant to fifth and sixth graders, and give students a place where they can be known and loved. Leaders are equipped to lead discussions and help students understand how to follow Christ daily. Each small group is encouraged to pray, serve together, and care for one another.

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Root Groups

As parents, we want to invite you to be involved in the spiritual development of your children.  We have designed a special curriculum to walk you through a parent-child discipleship program that we encourage all families to participate in before you child graduates to FSM (Fellowship Student Ministries).  While specific groups happen seasonally, we encourage parents to embark on this journey at any point throughout the year.   

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