Blessing the Nations

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This four-part class will introduce you to the plan of God to rescue mankind from the devastation of the fall. 

  • The first part will take you on a biblical survey of the key passages that reveal God’s heart for all the nations and peoples of the world.
  •  The second part will give you a brief history of how this message of redemption has expanded out from Jerusalem to the nations, transforming people.  You will learn of notable pioneers of the faith who were used by God to expand His kingdom.
  •  The third class introduces you to the complex maze of culture and the challenges to bring a never-changing message to an ever-changing world culture.
  •  Finally, this class will show the strategy God has given us to take this life-changing message to the nations.  His method is men and women transformed by Jesus who are gathered in healthy local churches who love God, love their neighbors, and make disciples locally and globally.  In short we become world Christians, going and sending workers into the harvest.

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