Core Beliefs & Values

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Core Beliefs

  • Authority of Scriptures
  • Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
  • Full deity and full humanity of Christ
  • Substitutionary atonement
  • Salvation by grace (faith alone, Christ alone)
  • Virgin birth; visible and bodily resurrection; visible and bodily return of Christ
  • Priesthood of the believer (every member ministry)

Core Values

  • Truth - the Bible is our anchor and compass.
  • Relationships - we love, evangelize, disciple and serve together in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Accountability - we entrust our lives, attitudes, and actions to God and one another.
  • the Gospel - Jesus Christ is central to everything we do.
  • Generosity - we live selflessly through stewardship of time, talent, treasure.
  • Life-change - we celebrate the transforming power of Christ.
  • Team - we serve effectively and efficiently through collaboration and cooperation with others.

Guiding Principles

  • Worship one, serve one
  • Always room for one more
  • Truth travels best the road of relationships
  • Celebration / Cell
  • Biblical fidelity / Cultural relevancy
  • It’s not about us; it’s about Him
  • Grace-based
  • Excellence with integrity
  • In essentials - Unity
     In non-essentials - Liberty
     In all things - Charity (Richard Baxter)
  • Servant Leadership
  • High tech / High touch
  • Name nowhere, fingerprints everywhere
  • Kids matter to God
  • Love God / Love others
  • Church health above Church growth
  • Mission/Vision driven, not opportunity driven
  • Form follows function
  • Think globally / Act locally
  • Anonymity of gifts and donors

 Fellowship's Mission Statement PDF Document