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Cross Cultural Experience


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people of all nations, races and cultures. The mandate to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19-20) combined with the servant-model of Jesus (John 13:13-17) compels us to share Christ in cross-cultural ways both here (Northwest Arkansas), far (United States) and abroad (World).

The Baseline Cross-Cultural expectation includes:
 One classroom experience, either Perspectives or Blessing the Nations
 Engaging in a cross-cultural experience either locally or by taking a Short-Term Mission Trip (STM).


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives is a 15-week course designed to help you understand and embrace God's mission to our world and find your unique role. Perspectives is offered every spring for credit, certificate or audit level.
Current Perspectives class opportunities.


Blessing the Nations

This class will explore the biblical development of God’s redemptive plan; look at church history to see how we have progressed and what lessons we can learn;  introduce the importance of how the Gospel must fit within each culture in a relevant and biblical manner;  and answer how we can partner with God to finish His global work.
Current Blessing the Nations class opportunities.


Local or Short-Term Cross-Cultural Experience

Fellowship wants to help you engage in a cross-cultural opportunity in the community of Northwest Arkansas or on a Short-Term Mission Trip so you can experience life and ministry in another culture.  This could be out of state, out of the country, or even to remote unreached people.

The question is not "if" we are called to God's global mission but "how" we are called to partner with God and others on His global mission. Learn more about Global Outreach. 

Find a list of short-term mission trips on the Global Outreach Blog.