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Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

We invite you to look through and use these materials for your own personal enrichment, and the enrichment of those that you minister to.

    Sharing the Gospel through Relationship and Story

    • This training will look at ways of sharing the Gospel through relationship and story.
    • Click here for a resource from The Navigators to pray through attributes of God for 30 days.
    • Here are a couple lists of “wondering questions” and “spiritual snacks” to help facilitate natural and loving spiritual conversations, from the book GodSpace by Doug Pollack.

    Modeling Christ to the Women in Your Small Group

    • This study covers 2 vital aspects of small group leadership:
       1. Your own relationship with Christ and
       2. Modeling Christ to the women in your small group.
      More specifically, it will touch on ways to listen to God in prayer, His word and fellowship. It will also offer ways to model Christ through transparency, listening and encouragement.
    • Click here for prayer points to pray over your fellow women ministry leaders.
    • This document provides scripture that you can pray over the women in your small group.
    • This offers an outline for an in-depth prayer time with the Lord for your personal devotion time.

    The Basics of Facilitating a Successful Small Group

    Helping Others get “Unstuck” and to Grow in their Faith

    • Helping Others Get "Unstuck" - How do we help the women in our studies take the head knowledge that they are learning in the study and apply it in their hearts and lives?
    • Struggling with Who God is- this document is a great tool to use to help us better assess our beliefs about God, especially in the difficult moments.
    • My Father God Is- this is a list of some of the attributes of God based on Scripture. It is a powerful tool to apply these truths about God in our lives.
    • God, the Father- another list of attributes of God based on Scripture.
    • Faith Principle- this worksheet explains a simple process that we can use with ourselves when teaching and in discipling women to apply scripture to their lives.
    • Unhelpful Thinking Styles and How to Use the Unhelpful Thinking Styles Worksheet - these two tools explain how to assist in identifying common ways of thinking that are unhelpful and can lead us into confusion and believing half-truths and lies.
    • Forgiveness Handout- this resource offers basic information on what forgiveness is, and what forgiveness is not, as well as a simple process of walking through offering forgiveness.
    • Spiritual Warfare Prayer- this document contains a powerful and thorough prayer, based on scripture, to equip women to better pray on the Armor of God.
    • Quiet Time Devotional Guide- this is a basic outline of how quiet devotional time can be structured, originating from Soup Campbell.
    • Discussion Guide- this document provides an outline for how to prepare for a group discussion or Bible study (used with permission from Karen Stewart Hyke)

    Helping Others to Become Disciple Making Disciples

    • Owning Your Own Spiritual Growth - this training looks at how we can live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by not only being disciples ourselves, but helping to encourage and build up the women that we work with to be disciple making disciples.
    • Bridge- this is a great one-verse evangelism tool to help with learning a way to share Christ's love conversationally and visually.
    • Sharing Your Story - One very important way that you can share the Gospel is by sharing your personal testimony of how God has demonstrated the grace of Christ in your own life! This is a tool that can help you prepare your personal testimony to be shared in a meaningful way.

    Debunking Common Myths that Christians Can Believe

    Jesus tells us that the truth, His Truth, will set us free.  This is why it is so important to be aware of any "myths" that we believe that keep us and those we serve from growing and experiencing the life that Christ offers us.

    Helping the Women of Your Group to Connect

    Building a Mission/Vision Statement for Your Ministry

    • Owning your Spiritual Growth - The "Owning Your Spiritual Growth" training includes information about the importance of having a God-honoring passion and vision for your life. You can find resources that will help you to build your own mission/vision statement f or your ministry
    • Spiritual Growth Assessment - to help you better understand your growth and the growth of those that you disciple
    • Who I am in Christ - a collection of scriptures that speak  to the Christian's identity in Christ