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What comes to mind when you picture a mosaic?  Beauty, color, intricate patterns?  But if you look closely, a mosaic is made up of many small pieces—each unique in size, shape, and color.  And each broken and chipped.  It's an important word picture for us because it's a perfect metaphor for Jesus' Church.  A mosaic is many individual broken pieces brought together by an Artist who has a grand vision of the finished picture.   

Seeing the church as a mosaic means that we have a passion for three values:

all are broken—each of us is broken in sin and needs God’s forgiveness and repair.  In fact, we can’t fit in a mosaic unless we acknowledge our brokenness. 

all matter—because of what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives, there is dignity, power and calling in each of us.

only One gets the glory—no one looks at a mosaic and marvels over the broken pieces.  We marvel at the Artist’s vision and work.  That’s why Jesus is the One we celebrate and worship.