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Residency Program

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Mission of Resident Ministry Program:

to produce ministry leaders through an intensive one year residency program that focuses on developing ministry skill, knowledge, character, and passion.

Mission and Vision of Fellowship Bible Church

Program Goals:

  1. Real life ministry experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to have real ministry responsibilities on the Fellowship staff. This is not a “shadowing” program where the participants observe our staff at work, nor is it an “assistantship” where the participants do the menial tasks of the ministry. We will assign you essential ministry responsibilities that will support the ongoing ministry at Fellowship.

     · Leading a small group
     · Leading small group leaders
     · Teaching large group
     · Leading worship
     · Discipleship
     · Ministry event planning/implementation
     · Counseling
     · Mission trip
     *Ministry experience will be determined by the resident and the ministry team leader.

  2. Personal Development. Each participant will have many opportunities to grow in their faith. Each participant will follow a structured development track that will enable them to grow in knowledge, character, skill, and passion. Our desire is for you to mature over the course of the program. Whether it is in the classroom, or across the table from your mentor, we desire for each participant to experience significant life change over the course of the year at Fellowship.

Development Opportunities:

A. Class Room – each resident will take 3 BiLD classes over the course of the Program. The residents will also participate in a summer class as well as other classes scheduled by the Program Director.

Example from 2016-17 Year:

Summer (2016): Life's Healing Choices
Fall (2016): Panorama of the Bible, Align-Finances, and Homiletics
Winter (2017): Survey of Theology
Spring (2017): 1 & 2 Timothy

B. Mentoring – each resident will meet with a mentor weekly. Mentors will be selected in partnership with the resident’s team leader and/or the program director. Mentors need to be mature followers of Christ and can be Fellowship staff, but not required.

C. Community Group – each resident will attend a community group.

D. Personal Study/Devotional – each resident will pursue an intimate relationship with the Lord through personal time with God.

How it Works:

The Ministry Residency is a housing/benefits exchange. Each of the Residents live in Fellowship housing rent/utility free while also receiving a stipend for health insurance and other benefits in exchange for a 20 hour work week on the Fellowship staff. The Resident also will participate in 10 hours a week of personal development (classes, mentoring, etc.). This leaves time for each Resident to work a part time job to provide funds for personal expenses such as gas, groceries, and car insurance. The Residency neither costs nor pays its participants. It should be a debt free year that adds value to the Fellowship ministry and the Resident's personal lives.

Contact person: Kerrie Archer -

Dates: The Ministry Residency begins on Memorial Day Weekend and ends on May 15 of each year. (We occasionally allow an August 15 start date for those who work at a Summer Camp or have a Mission Trip scheduled)