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Small Group Experience

Authentic relationships have been a core value of Fellowship from its beginning. Consequently, small groups have remained a vital ministry focus; a place to belong, grow, and serve others.
At Fellowship, we gather weekly as a large congregation, then scatter throughout our communities to experience and live out our faith as part of a biblical community. Small Groups are the building blocks of a healthy church family. 

The Baseline Small Group expectation includes:
Discover Fellowship or Discover Mosaic (Membership class)
Outlive Your Life (Life legacy)
Divine Portrait: Framing the Art of Marriage 
These small group experiences will be offered more than once (on a revolving schedule); complete all three.


Discover Fellowship answers the important question: "Should I join Fellowship?" Choosing the right church to make your spiritual family is an important decision for anyone, and this small group experience is our effort to guide individuals and families to make the best decision for themselves. Discover Fellowship navigates important issues like: Fellowship's mission and vision, functions of the elder board, philosophy of ministry, membership responsibilities, and our core doctrine.

Discover Fellowship is offered every January, May and September at Fellowship NWA and Fayetteville.


What is the purpose of the Christian life? How do I live out that purpose to the fullest? Outlive Your Life is a study to help answer these questions. The goal of this class is to show that a life lived deliberately and intentionally will enable you to finish strong and leave a legacy of faith that extends past your time here on earth. The last thing we want to discover when we finally get to the “top” of the ladder is that we placed the ladder on the wrong wall.


Discover is a great first-step toward getting connected at Mosaic, Fellowship's Saturday night congregation. Let’s face it—making a large church feel like home is not easy; but it is possible. We want to help you start that process by answering some simple, yet important questions:

(1) Who is Mosaic and why are we here?
(2) What are our essential ministries and what do we believe?
(3) How can you make this church your home (a place to belong, grow, and serve)?
(4) What are your unique gifts and how can you use them to impact people’s lives?

Discover consists of eight small group sessions. Questions? Contact Lisa Schatzman at lischatzman@fellowshipnwa.org.


This small group looks at God's perspective and plan for marriage, manhood and womanhood. This is a practical theology of marriage and is more focused on how-comes, than the how-to's. The goal is to provide a biblical framework for thinking, feeling, and doing teamwork in marriage.