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The Journey

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inner war

Inner War
Hannah Moore
Medium: Medium Oil/pallet knife

“Inspiration for me was the inner battle I believe we all face, Truth vs. Evil....Holy Spirit vs. Satan. I believe we all face that very real journey...the journey that is key for our life as we have to choose which side we will serve…The brighter colors on the right side signify the truth and freedom, the darker colors on the left side signify evil. The texture of the pallet knife creates the intense feeling and emotion felt through the journey. You see the woman in the painting turning towards The truth and she leaves the darkness behind her. Truth is Freedom and evil ends in ultimate pain and death.

the bride of christ celebrating the journey

The Bride of Christ
Celebrating the Journey

Donna Sheppard
Medium: Mixed Media/Collage

Inspired by Isaiah, chapters 1-11, 61-62 Initially I was frustrated with this theme (the Journey). With no  expectations, but desperation, I opened my bible and landed in the book of Isaiah. Fresh insight into the journey of the Israelites as they 'wandered' toward their promised land reminded me not only of all their sin and my own, but also of God's comfort and promises for all. I praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my life's journey and for the process of completing this art project. If you see waves or wrinkles in this piece, it is a reminder that "too  much" of anything (including Modge Podge) can spoil that for which you have labored!

the journey

The Journey
Charles Harrington
Medium: Acrylic on Panel

In life we are all on a "journey" shaped by a lifetime of both positive and negative influences and our response to those influences. In this painting these influences are represented metaphorically by a graffiti covered wall. The graffiti represents an accumulation of messages applied over a period of years by a variety of individuals, some  attempting to influence the journey of others and some simply venting their own frustrations or quarreling with life in general. The journey itself is both physical and spiritual with eternal implications. Each of the ten figures in the painting represents individual responses ultimately leading them toward the Light or into darkness.

deep in the well

Deep In The Well
Terry Merchant
Medium: Watercolor, Collage

This is about Joseph finding himself thrown into a dry well. In such a dire predicament, the only thing Joseph can do is look up towards the heavens and pray for God's saving grace. Thus begins his journey, both physically and spiritually.

Before any journey, one should give it over to God and be assured of His protection and blessing. It is the only way to travel.


Denise Sagan
Medium: Mixed Media/Encaustics

"Now if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory." Romans 8:17

As Christians, we are royalty, we are co-heirs with Christ on His throne. However, because of our sinful natures, we often choose to live in the flesh as paupers. When we admit our sin and recognize His forgiveness, we are able to walk in the Spirit and our royal necklaces shine brightly.

tender green

Tender Green
Lorinda Gray
Medium: Photography—Canvas Wrap

“He took one of the seedlings of the land and put it in fertile soil...” Ezekiel 17:5

We begin our spiritual life like a little green seedling. Vulnerable, immature, hopeful. A healthy plant will continue to grow if it is watered and nurtured. It will also need to be up-rooted as it grows and placed in a container that will allow for deeper roots and stabilization as the plant grows tall. If the plant stays in the original container, it will eventually die.