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Spring Break Mission Trips

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Each year, 600-750 people at Fellowship take an important growth step in their spiritual journey by serving on a short-term mission trip. These trips are designed to advance the Gospel in the areas that are visited, while at the same time, grow those traveling in their walk with the Lord. In the coming weeks, will you and your family pray for those going, as well as for the people they will encounter?

  • Please ask that God would be glorified as these teams step out of their comfort zone to make Him known - that lives would be changed by Him.
  • Pray for the safety and unity of our teams going out.
  • Ask God if He would have you and your family take a trip to serve in 2017-18.

Follow along with our trips on social media by following @MosaicStudents, @FSMNWA, or @FSMFayettville and watch #fbcnwamissions or the individual trip hashtags listed below.



Belize Family Trip | March 20-26 | 29 people
Seven families are headed to Belize for outreach and relational ministry in the jungle
village of Crique Jute on Fellowship’s first-ever family mission trip!
CONTACT: Matt Archer 
• Safety, peace, and diligence as we share the love of Christ.
• Parents and kids would expand their view of missions and God’s heart for the nations.

FSM NWA | Fellowship Student Ministries

FSM Camp Colcord | #FSMColcord2017 | 7th Graders | March 19-24 | 57 people
Mission trip to serve the local community of Colcord, OK, and develop a deeper
relationship with God and other students.
CONTACT: Thomas Brown
• God would stir a heart of service in our 7th grade students.
• Students and leaders would build deeper friendships and trust with each other.

FSM Jr High Memphis #FSMMemphis2017 | 8th-9th graders | March 18-24 | 121 people
Sharing the love and Good News of Jesus in the gyms of Memphis, TN.
CONTACT: Hunter House 
• Leaders to build intentional relationships with their students that week.
• Kids in the gyms of Memphis to experience the love of Jesus.

FSM Ecuador | #FSMEcuador2017 | 10th-12th graders | March 18-26 | 34 people
We will be traveling to Ecuador to work within a small village located on the Napo River. We will work with a school that shares the Gospel to its students within the classroom.
CONTACT: Caleb Freeman 
• Students would invest their time diligently and wisely with the students of Jungle Kids for Christ.
• God would move in the hearts of our students as well as the Kids we will be serving; prompting spiritual growth and maturity.

FSM Haiti | #FSMHaiti2017 | 10th-12th graders | March 17-25 | 23 people
Our vision is to see our students to grow their understanding of Christ’s heart for the nations as they love and serve the people of Haiti.
CONTACT: Abbie Lay
• Financial provision and unity for our team.
• We would have the very mind of Christ in Haiti; that we would see people the way He sees them.
• That God would be preparing the hearts of those we will love and serve.
• Safety and flexibility of team members while in Haiti.
• That we would be excited and expectant for the Lord to use us in Haiti.

FSM Guatemala | #FSMGuatemala2017 | 10th-12th graders | March 17-24 | 47 people
Our FSM Guatemala team will be serving/discipling kids and staff at Casa Alelyua as well
as serving the surrounding communities to expand the work of God’s Kingdom.
CONTACT: Amy Andersen 
• Team unity and for our hearts to grow in love for Jesus and His mission of
reaching all people with the truth of the Gospel.
• Our team will have opportunities to serve Casa and the surrounding communities
both spiritually and practically.

FSM Sr High Memphis | #FSMMemphis2017 | 10th-12th graders | March 17-24 | 18 people
A week of intense discipleship training, inner-city evangelism, and serving the people
of Memphis.
CONTACT: Danny Sullivan
• Spiritual growth and discipline for the students going.
• The Gospel would be received and change the lives of the people we meet.

FSM Fayetteville

FSM Fayetteville to Kansas City | 7th-9th graders | March 19-24 | 47 people
Tad Moore and Ethan Davis are leading a group of students to Kansas City to
partner with multiple inner-city ministries.
CONTACT: Tad Moore 
• Students to experience the Lord through the act of service, deepen their
knowledge of the Gospel, and see others through the eyes of Christ.
• Establish a strong partnership with a ministry in KC where we could continue to serve
in the future.

FSM Fayetteville to Mexico | 10th-12th graders | March 17-24 | 35 people
Working alongside The BAM Center in Puebla to help them connect with the community
through service, providing clean water, relationships, and evangelism.
CONTACT: Kyle McCarthy 
• Team unity and humble servant hearts. That we may see where God is moving and join
Him in what He is doing in the world.
• Doors to open, relationships established, and hearts receptive to the Gospel and for
discipleship to continue after we leave.

Mosaic Students

NWA | 6th - 8th grades | March 19-24 | 29 people
Mosaic 6th-8th graders will be partnering with Camp War Eagle to host community events in east Springdale and Rogers, as well as provide day-camp programming for after-school program kids at Jones Elementary in Springdale.
Contact: Scott Jones
• Kids at Jones Elementary would see and hear the authentic Gospel and that the Holy Spirit would give them faith.
• Kids would be transformed by compassion and humility and that their convictions would lead them to know people intimately in their many circles and communities.
• There would be a love stirred up in our students for diversity; that doing missions locally will move their hearts not only for their neighbors, but also for the nations.   

Kansas City | 9th - 11th grades | March 19-25 | 33 people
The Kansas City Team will be partnering with Redeemer Fellowship KC to see the metro be both transformed by God's grace and grow in understanding of what it means to love and follow Jesus. Students will serve and share their faith in a variety of ministries organized through Redeemer and will join in encouraging the student ministry at Redeemer.
Contact: Collin Jackson
• Team would continue to grow in their financial and prayer support teams.
• God would soak our week in life changed stories for both the ministry and our students.
• Both joy and fruit for Redeemer Fellowship as they continue to faithfully minister to their city. 

Guatemala | 12th grade | March 19-25 | 25 people
The Guatemala Team will be partnering with Fellowship Guatemala to help serve and connect people to their church through street evangelism and Bible Schools for kids in the community. We will serve 2 days in Antigua (street evangelism in the morning and Bible Schools in the afternoon) and 2 days in Guatemala City (main focus will be Bible Schools).
Contact: Janie Nolen
• Lives would be changed - that there will be new life in those who do not know Jesus, and that our team and Fellowship Guatemala's team will experience a deepening of their faith.
• Safety, health, and provision for our trip - travel, health, relationships, team unity.
• Fellowship Guatemala team would feel encouraged, supported, and refreshed as we get to serve alongside them.