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A Family Ministries training opportunity to help parents navigate through important stages of their child’s life. Each stage specific session will be led by a panel of parents & grandparents who have nurtured & guided child(ren) through this stage of development. They will offer their best practices, sage advice and needed encouragement for parents who have a child entering this stage of life.

Every parent anticipates the day their child transitions out of their home with a heavy heart. How does this change the parent/child relationship? Are they equipped to live life on their own? Have I lost them forever?

The Fellowship Student Ministries (FSM) team knows that this transition can be one of the toughest for any parent to go through. Join us on March 5 as Sam Hannon walks us through a practical training on how to parent a child through the high school to college/workplace transition. Every parent comes to this stage whether they’re ready or not, and through this training, we want parents to face that stage with confidence and trust rather than anxiety and doubt.

These presentations will be recorded, so if you have children in multiple stages of development, attend one session and listen to the other(s) online.

Current Opportunities

All presented on Sunday, March 5
11:00am - Noon

Transitioning into Preschool Years 
Training Center Chapel
Taught by: Fellowship Leader(s)

Transitioning into the Elementary School Years
The Lodge
Taught by: Fellowship Leader(s)

Transitioning into Middle School/Junior High 
Family Center Auditorium
Taught by: Fellowship Leader(s)

Transitioning into College: Launching children from High School to the Next Stage
Student Center Central
Taught by: Sam Hannon