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Fellowship is structured to be a Celebration/Cell church. At our core, this is who we are. We refer to the corporate worship gathering as Celebration. The small groups of people that meet throughout Northwest Arkansas during the week are what we call Cell.

We are a multi-congregational church. This simply means that we have multiple congregations that share a common Mission and Vision. Also, we share resources such as staff, budget and facilities while coming under the same philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement and elder board.

Currently, Fellowship has four congregations:

Fellowship is not just a multi-congregational church; we also have the BiLD Training Center. BiLD (Biblical Institute of Leadership Development) is a major ministry division of Fellowship Bible Church of NWA. This Training Center is the tangible expression of one of the three guiding metaphors that best describes the mission and vision of Fellowship NWA; namely, that Fellowship is a “greenhouse,” a “launching pad,” and a “training center.”

Learn more about our Sunday congregation by exploring this website. Welcome to Fellowship NWA.