What To Expect

The Landing is a place for teens to express themselves and learn necessary tools to find freedom and victory over their hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Here are some things that make The Landing so exciting:

  • It’s experience based. Instead of students learning in a lecture format, they get involved with the lessons. They’ll write, draw, talk, move, answer questions and much more.
  • It’s 52 weeks and it never stops. Just like Celebrate Recovery, The Landing goes all year long.
  • The lessons are based on the Celebrate Recovery lessons. Students will experience lessons like, Denial, Turn, Spiritual Inventory, and all of the 25 Celebrate Recovery lessons in ways that apply directly to them.
  • It has 22 high quality videos from partners The Skit Guys and
    Igniter Media.
  • Students will write out their inventories and their testimonies.