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Upcoming Events

  • Wisdom Café
    Thursday, March 9 | 7:00-8:30pm | Elementary Area
    Conscious Discipline – respond rather than react to your child’s behavior
    Speaker: Leslie Corbell

    Discipline isn't something you do to children, it's something you build within them (Dr. Becky Bailey)

    The session will share information about Conscious Discipline and shine light on how adults can choose to respond to children's behavior, rather than react to children's behavior. The information will be helpful to parents, grandparents, and teachers of children of all ages. Conscious Discipline is based on brain research. Throwing out rewards and punishments, and building skills of self-regulation in children, it represents a shift from control-based discipline to relationship-based discipline, a shift from fear to love.

    Leslie Corbell is a Conscious Discipline coach for Arkansas State University and has a master's degree in Education. She coaches teachers in classroom strategies and interventions. She has two children, a 17 year old son and a 20 year old daughter.

  • Nothing to Prove Tour | Fellowship Fayetteville
    Friday, February 24 | 6:00pm VIP | 7:00pm General Admission | Book Signing
    Featuring author and speaker Jennie Allen, Int’l Justice Mission Director Anu George, and worship led by singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb. Attendees receive a free copy of Jennie’s book, Nothing to Prove. Tickets are available at anchoredjennieallen.eventbrite.com.

About Women's Ministry

As women journey through life, we start to wonder about the right turns to make and how we can navigate the roadblocks and dead ends that seem to come. We want to come alongside you in your life journey and resource you to be, love and go. Ultimately, we desire to equip you as released leaders that know and express the authentic Christ to your community in Northwest Arkansas and to the world.



Fellowship Women’s Ministry is a warm, welcoming place for women to connect within the larger body. We desire to engage women where we are and invite learning to fulfill God’s design for us. Through opportunities to be introduced to Jesus and then to grow to “Be” more like Him women come alongside, pray for, encourage, model and cheer on one another in the transformation journey. Please join us to “Be.”



Fellowship Women's Ministry desires to create an environment rich in “LOVE” for God and one another through discipleship opportunities including small group relationship and study opportunities on-campus, connection via scheduled Coffeehouses, an Annual All-Women’s Retreat in the Fall and numerous training and leadership development opportunities. All of these opportunities are to prepare us to take the love of God to our homes first and then to others at work, in our neighborhoods and beyond. Learn with us to “Love.” Because of what God has done for us we….



We cannot experience the full adventure of being a faithful follower of Christ without also participating in taking the treasure of knowing Jesus with us as we ”GO”. Fellowship women are involved in living with the Great Commission in the fore-front of our mind. Reaching out, serving and connecting with women who need to know the Lord is a beautiful part of what we are all about. Engage with us to “GO.” Opportunities to be involved are available both locally and abroad.

For more information or to find out how to become involved please contact Margo Bodishbaugh.