Community Kids’ Closet

CKC | Community Kids’ Closet

Community Kids’ Closet (CKC) helps provide new clothes and shoes to the underprivileged school children of Northwest Arkansas.

CKC works with school staff to identify specific clothing needs for specific school children. This allows us to directly impact the child's life by providing these basic necessities and boosting their self-esteem with the gift of new clothes. 

CKC was founded because many school children arrive to school daily in clothing that has holes and tears, in shoes that are too small, or in underclothes that are wet or soiled because that is all they have. Some even lack coats in cold, windy weather. In addition to these children suffering due to worn, ill-fitting clothing, they are often shunned by others, simply because of their appearance.

CKC believes that kids feel better if they are wearing clothing that is appropriate for weather conditions, fits properly, and is without tatters and tears. We believe that nice clothing enhances a child's self esteem, resulting in an improvement in the child's life, both academically and socially.

Fellowship partnerns with CKC to provide specific clothing items to children in need in both the spring and the fall. Details will be announced on our Events & Classes page when "Needs Notes" are available for pickup.

For more information about Community Kids’ Closet, contact Communications Director Christina Chambers.