Estate Design

"Estate Design" is a two hour and fifteen minute discussion on God’s Design for:

a) Planning for the care of your family past your lifetime
b) Passing on family treasures and wealth to future generations
c) Living Generously past your life through wise planning
d) Understanding Wills and Trusts, Taxes and Probate, Property Transfer

The presentation will surface the three goals to keep in mind with your estate planning to help prepare your personal representative(s) to carry out your wishes for your remainder resources following your death. Details will be shared on how to avoid the 28% possibility of your wishes not being honored for distribution to loved ones and others and the 83% possibility of your family being in conflict over your estate. A good design can avoid unintended consequences later. Give this good gift of proper design to your loved ones and save them the frustration later.

Teacher: Don Reed, Generosity/Legacy Advisor