Discover Your Bible/Fall 2022

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Fayetteville Classroom 156

Fellowship Fayetteville

About this event

When: Sundays, October 23 - December 4
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Fayetteville Classroom 156
Facilitator: Hank Matthews

Description: This class is a 6-week workshop designed to help you learn the skill of reading and understanding your Bible as you study it in your own personal devotion time. We will highlight the art of communicating and understanding texts, how we got the Bible and what kind of text it is, and then how to observe and allow the Bible to teach us in its many different genres. Finally, we will look at how to put all the pieces together and let the Bible instruct us in our daily lives as we learn to observe all that Jesus taught us. The class will utilize technology, as well as in-person practical application, as the class is designed to be a hands-on experience where students can pragmatically work the skills out for themselves. Put simply: if you want to learn how to read your Bible, take this class!