Mosaic Round Table Talks

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Family Center

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About this event

Date & Time: Saturday, October 8 | 6:30-8:00pm during Mosaic's 2nd service 

Location: Family Center 

Description: The goal of our Round Table Talks is to provide the space for our body to come together and discuss relevant cultural issues in light of our Biblical ethic and in doing so to equip our body to engage thoughtfully in these conversations in ways that are Christ-focused, honoring, and honest while remaining respectful of someone else's opinion or lived experience. 

This Round Table will engage in a conversation around sexuality and will be facilitated by Nick Roland. 

Childcare: Childcare is provided for this event. Please note that you must register your child by October 2nd. 

Adults attending this event do not need to register; registration is for childcare only. 

This space and conversation is primarily geared towards adults. You can, however, use your discretion in bringing children ages 15 and older. Please note that this discussion time will center around the topic of sexuality, primarily LGBTQ issues.