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Evangelism: Good News for Our City  Register
Sundays | January 8-January 29 | 9:00-10:00am | Training Center Classroom 166
Facilitator: Terry Wedel
This 4-week course will explain the purpose and necessity of evangelism and train you in the practical steps of building relationships, telling your story, explaining your faith, inviting people to trust Jesus, and answering difficult questions

Our Faith  Register

Sundays | January 15-March 5 | 9:00-10:00am | Training Center Classroom 161
Facilitator: Roy Barskey and Team
Who is God and how can I know Him? This 8-session course explores the Scriptures for an overview of the core doctrine of the Christian faith by answering eight key questions.

Discipleship: Master Plan of Evangelism  Register 
Sundays | February 5-February 26 | 9:00-10:00am | Training Center Classroom 166 
Facilitator: Craig Smith
A 4-week study of Robert Coleman's, "The Master Plan of Evangelism." We will study Jesus' approach to making followers and multiplying His movement through investing deeply in a small number in order to reach the masses.

Panorama Plus 8: Exile  Register

Sundays | February 5-March 12 | 10:30-11:30am | Training Center Classroom 166
Facilitator: Robert Cupp
This class covers the period of the seventy-year "Exile" of the deported Jews in Babylon. Through the eyes of Jeremiah and Ezekiel-Daniel (the two exilic prophets), major prophetic themes of the future return to the land, the rise of coming world powers to subjugate the Jewish people and far future descriptions of the end times and Millennial Kingdom are revealed.


Align: Your Finances With the Heart of God  Register 
Saturdays | January 14-February 18 | 5:00-6:00pm | Family Center Banquet Room
Facilitator: Don Reed
Free Will, Trust and End-of-Life papers for all who register for the newly Revised Align class - a 6-week study on the Theology of Generosity. We will discuss earning, giving, saving, spending, investing and end-of-life planning from a Biblical perspective. Get peace of mind by getting your thoughts and intentions in order for now and when God takes you home.


Panorama of the Bible  Register
Sundays | January 8-March 26 | 8:45-10:00am | Great Room B200
Facilitator: Robert Cupp
Genesis to Revelation; this 11-week class will give you a broad "panoramic" overview of the Bible focusing on key characters, events, and the "Panorama Timeline."

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