At Fellowship we believe that service to one another and our neighbors is an essential part of a healthy community. Below are opportunities broken down into three tiers. Groups that are in their first year together or are new to the idea of service should choose from one or more of the Tier 1 options to get started. Groups that have been together for a year or have experience in executing service projects should be choosing from Tier 2 or 3 options.

Tier 1 ~ Entry Level Options

  • South Church Meals
    Fellowship Fayetteville provides a meal for South Church which meets at LifeSource each week. Groups bring enough food to serve 125-150, serve the meal to the guests, interact with them during the meal and participate in the worship service. Check this link to see when opportunities are available. Contact: John Baker (facilitator) 479 236-6360, 479 283-2029, or 479 521-5337.
  • ISCA Meals
    The International Student Christian Association meets in their residence on campus every Tuesday evening for fellowship and worship. A meal is provided to this gathering of 30-40 international students and ISCA staff. Groups can simply drop off the food or, preferably, spend the evening with this gathering and engage with the students. Click here to go to the Take Them a Meal site to see available dates and sign up. 
  • Fayetteville Public Schools

    Fayetteville Public Schools District Food Pantry
    Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off 8:00-11:30am at 2350 West Old Farmington Road, Building G

    Root & Vandergriff Elementary
    Monetary and supply donations requested to be distributed by school counselors to families in need.
    Root Contact: Jennifer Lavender
    Vandergriff Contact: Kim Renner, 479-527-3600

  • Laundry Love
    Once a month the homeless population in south Fayetteville gather at a laundromat in Fayetteville where a meal is provided and quarters are loaded in the machines for laundry to be done. Groups provide food for 80-120, facilitate passing out the meal and the loading of quarters for the guests to do their laundry. Click here to see the available dates and sign up. 

Tier 2 ~ Experienced Group Options

  • Salvation Army 
    Fellowship Fayetteville enjoys a strong partnership with the Salvation Army and all the services it provides the under-privileged in our community. They are always in need of volunteers in the thrift store and their kitchens, you can click here to engage there. Meals are served every Tuesday & Thursday night from 6:00-7:30pm and volunteers should plan to arrive at 5:30pm. Contact: Jennifer Brown, NWA Volunteer Coordinator, at 479.521.2151 ext.103.
  • LifeSource International 
    LifeSource International meets the needs of the poor and homeless in south Fayetteville. They are always in need of volunteers to support their programs. Fellowship Fayetteville regularly facilitates events to meet specific needs at their facilities. Click here for a list of ways you can engage. 
  • Faith in Action 
    Faith in Action meets the needs of clients who have experienced a medical event at Washington Regional rendering them in need of some sort of assistance. Some needs are short term during a recovery process and others are longer-term, ongoing needs as a result of a life changing condition. Fellowship Fayetteville has served a handful of their clients on a longer-term basis and there are always others who could use ongoing engagement from a group or groups. Click here to be paired with a client in need for a one time or ongoing service opportunity, or e-mail Linda for more information. 
  • The Cobblestone Farm 
    The Cobblestone Farm is a working farm seeking to sustainably provide locally grown food to meet the food insecurity needs in and around Fayetteville. They are always in need of volunteers to perform various activities including planting, cleanup, and harvesting. Fellowship Fayetteville facilitates events to assist their efforts at specific times of the year for maximum impact. 

Tier 3 ~ Full Commitment Opportunities

  • Potter’s House 
    Potter’s House provides so much more than the thrift store on College. They seek to engage fully in the lives of underprivileged youth and families in poverty by mentoring, tutoring, and long-term, relationship based connection. If you want to make a significant impact over an extended period of time click here to contact the Potter’s House staff and begin your journey.