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  UPDATED AS OF MAY 20, 2020


MARCH 18, 2020

What to Know

Fellowship Family,

When I was a boy, my grandfather (born in 1913) used to tell stories about a time when he was 5 years old and a sickness swept through the hills outside of Calico Rock where he lived. He was the only person in his family who didn’t get sick. He recounted that his family couldn’t lift their heads from their pillows because they were so ill. He gathered and cooked eggs on a wood stove to keep he and his dog from starving. It occurred to me later in life that he was describing the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. It affected ¼ of the world’s population and though they estimate that over 50,000,000 people died, no one knows for sure. My grandfather said there were houses scattered throughout the hills where entire families had died. There is so much we don’t know about Covid-19, but as of now, it continues to spread rapidly and where one person may have mild symptoms, the virus is deadly to another. It is essential that we take this virus seriously and follow CDC and “good sense” guidelines, as the numbers in Arkansas and surrounding states continue to climb. Your church staff is taking precautions and we hope you are, as well.

Holy Week begins Sunday
Adult Daily Readings & Devotional
Family Devotional
As we enter Holy Week in our Clarity series, we have a tremendous opportunity to spend extra devotional time contemplating the last week of Christ’s life on earth. Our worship teams, teachers, video producers, and audio technicians are working hard to provide us with excellent experiences on Palm Sunday and Easter. They are doing an excellent job! Your staff are all heartbroken that we can’t conduct Palm Sunday and Easter services live with all of you. But… it is what it is! I hope you will find comfort and joy in the resources made available.

Join me in Prayer
A good brother sent the following to me today: “This has been coming to my mind a lot over the last few weeks, especially since we have been praying for revival during a global pandemic. Can you imagine if: the Lord ended the Coronavirus on either Good Friday or Easter? When I say end it... I mean not a trace of it anywhere in the world. BAM... it's just gone. Not just Rogers... or Arkansas... or USA... I mean nowhere on the planet could it be found. Before a vaccine, before weather, or anything else could take the credit, that it would vanish in a way that could not be explained on Easter, the day Christians recognize as the day their Savior conquered the grave. God is big enough and is able to do more than we can ask or imagine!”

Why don’t we join him in this prayer? I think of what Dr. Bill Bright once said, “My greatest regret is that someday when I stand before Christ, I will realize that I asked Him for far too little.” Let’s ask God to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. Thank you, again, Fellowship for your generosity during this time. This is a frightening time financially for so many, but you have not wavered in your giving to God through Fellowship. We are a blessed church and I pray that, in turn, we are a blessing to Northwest Arkansas and the world.


  • Weekend services & small group gatherings are
    suspended until further notice.
  • Worship service videos and resources available online.
  • Free Clarity Books available for pick-up at the offices of both campuses or download the pdf.
  • Don't neglect your personal worship through tithes and offerings. Give Now.
  • Pray for opportunities to reach our communities with the hope of the Gospel.

Note from Staff

Photo credit: @scottthepainter

There are so many things that I am not.
And so many things that I will never be.

But if true that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”,
than I am exactly what God has crafted me for.
And that is enough. And that is good.

Yes, I can learn, grow, and by God’s grace…begin to see.
But I can only ever be the image God dreamt me to be before I even became.

Oh God, you who alone are my God.
Remind me of why you delight in me. Why you think of me.
For all the messages that tell me what I am not, only you know who I truly am.

And that is enough…for me.

Matt Newman

Mosaic Directional Leader

Ways to Engage

Watch Services Online
*Weekend resources update on Fridays each week.

Watch the service online and check out the Church at Home Family Resources page for services, devotionals, music and more.

We know several of you all have been doing some “parking lot” or “cul-de-sac” small groups where you gather while still remaining socially distant. These are great ideas if your group is ready to meet in that format. If not, zero pressure. You can continue to gather on your video platform.

Regardless of how your group is meeting, please email the Mosaic Community Team so we can continue to serve and equip you in the most helpful way. Also, feel free to invite one of our Mosaic Community staff to visit your outdoor gathering. We would love to see you and your group


Save the Church at Home Family Resources page as it gets updated each week with services and resources for your family!

Activity and Craft Packets (2 year olds - Kindergarten)
The Mosaic Early Childhood team has put together packets that go along with weekly services! Watch the kids’ service and then do the activity and crafts at any time during the week as a fun way to help you have conversations about the bible stories. The team will be taking great care and following protocol as they put the activity packets together. If you would like a packet, complete this form by Monday, June 1. Packets will be available for pick-up at the preschool building on Saturday, June 6 from 10:00-11:00am.

Kids Day Out 2020-2021 | Register
Mondays and Thursdays | August 24, 2020 – May 20, 2021
Rogers Campus
Registration for Fellowship's Kid’s Day Out (formally known as Adventureland) is now open. Kids Day Out is a Christ-centered weekday ministry that provides age-appropriate (3mo-Pre-K) activities to encourage both educational and spiritual growth. Questions? Contact Jessica Files

Antioch 2020 | Register
Update – Antioch has been rescheduled to July
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in July | 9:00am – Noon | The Lodge

Antioch is a leadership program for high school students designed to increase their knowledge of God, build their skills for Christ-like living, and grow their passion for experiencing the joys and promises of God's kingdom. We believe these things will help to cast our student's vision on the true Jesus. This year, we will focus heavily remaining in God through four weeks of emphasis on spiritual formation (knowledge), true discipleship (skill), and Kingdom-mindedness (passion).


Creation Apologetics Online Workshop
Saturday, May 30 | 12:00 – 4:00pm

A wonderful opportunity in a workshop format for Christians to learn firsthand what apologetics is and where Creation Science/History stands as of 2020. Join us and learn firsthand why the Bible is more credible today than perhaps ever before and what 1 Peter 3:15 means. Keynote speakers include nuclear physicist/cosmologist Russell Humphreys and geophysicist John Baumgardner.


Many of you have asked what we can do to help people around the world who are struggling because of the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Some of our Mosaic Global Workers are providing food and other aid to the people they are serving. For security reasons, we can’t highlight the specific workers and locations publicly. But you can help, here’s how:

1. Pray – that God will support, sustain and protect our workers, and open doors for the gospel through their compassionate care. To sign up for our Global Prayer list text #GOPray to 479-282-2406.

2. Give – we will be supporting the efforts of our workers through our Mosaic on Mission fund. You can help by giving to this fund. Give online or text #momission to 479-282-2406.

3. Connect – if you want to connect with a Global Worker directly to support them, contact Doug Raines. He can tell you how you can give directly to them and he can give our workers your contact information so they can add you to their communication.

New Online Classes Starting June 7

Register now for Panorama of the Bible, Personal Bible Study, and We Believe. Class sessions are pre-recorded videos to watch each week followed by discussion questions to answer and assignments to assess learning. There will be scheduled, live Q&A sessions as well. This class set-up offers a great opportunity for you to engage the material with family members or your community/small group to grow and learn together. 

Other Resources

Here are some things our Mosaic staff team is listening to, reading, watching, and using right now: 

- The Bible Project – tons of really awesome videos on themes, words, figures, and books in the Bible!

- Out of Curiosity Podcast 

- Discipling Your Family – What does it look like to disciple our families during this time?

- RightNow Media – thousands of Bible studies, trainings, and videos for you and your family. If you have not created a FREE account yet, start here.

- She Reads Truth – Bible studies for women! You can jump in on a current study or pick from one of their previous ones. This is a great place to get started if you are wanting some guidance in engaging with Scripture. 

 Ways to Serve

Samaritan Community Center

Looking for a way to help the community? Here is an update on the volunteering needs for Samaritan Community Center programs.

They still need plenty of help in these areas this week:
• Kitchen in Springdale
• Rogers Garden
• Rogers Thrift Shop
• SnackPacking in Rogers

You can help in two ways:
2. Share the link with your friends and work colleagues.

Questions? Contact Joe Raleigh.

Fellowship Job Opportunities:
• Graphic Designer – for Rogers and Fayetteville campuses
• Night Custodian – for Rogers and Fayetteville campuses
If you have interest, please contact [email protected] for more information.

 Ways to Pray

- Some of our Mosaic Global Workers have come home because of the health crisis, others are in the places they serve facing a variety of restrictions and shortages of goods. Please pray for their protection and provision. Pray that God will give them opportunities to share the hope of the Gospel in word and deed. Let them know you are praying for them.

- Continue to pray for the Sovereign Lord to move in a healing way throughout our world; for the virus to subside and disappear quickly; for the Prince of Peace to move in and through His people as agents of peace during a time of fear.

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