Lead Out: Mosaic Community

I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. John 17:20-21


So in other words…
it's all about living as ONE.

But that doesn't just happen by accident. It only happens by the WORD that has been given and received. Then you know the ONE is genuine because a not-yet believing world sees it, and their eyes are directed to what God who SENT Jesus is really like.


There is a reason that this is our one-act show, our one-trick pony, and our total package. We think this way, train this way, pray this way, and encourage this way. It is living out Jesus' prayer (John 17) of what LIFE in his name should look and feel like. Mosaic is committed to equipping you, our leaders to lead our communities into this joyful reality.


This is where our train is headed, so GET ON BOARD!

Thank you for joining us in this adventure of building communities that are ONE|WORD|SENT focused! Please fill out this Snapshot Form so that we can learn more about your group, and add it to our website for others to join you.


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What do we do about meals? 
There are a lot of options out there (potluck, hosts serve dinner, bring your own dinner, etc.), but we have found that most groups love to gather around a meal together. To find out what is best for your group, take a poll the first week. If someone in your group is coming straight from work, then a potluck may not be the best option. Consider everyone eating on the way or bringing a brown bag dinner instead. Or, have everyone chip in money once a month to cover the cost of a simple meal cooked by the host/hostess. If you have someone in the group that loves to cook or plan meals, assign them the task of organizing the meal each week. Meals is an area that leaders can share the responsibility with other members easily.

How do we decide when to meet? 
If your group is new, choose a day of the week that works best for you. Once your new group is gathered, you can make day/time adjustments that serve everyone well. If your group has been meeting for a while, be sure to discuss a change with the other group members before changing the day that you meet. 

How do we handle people that sign up but don't show up? 
If someone has signed up for your group but doesn't attend the first week, reach out to them. Send them an email or call them. If they signed up in error, remove them from your group through our website using the steps in this video. Good communication about group location, time, and day of the week are very important. Be sure to send out a group email with all of the pertinent information at least one week prior to your group's first meeting.

What should our group study?
Mosaic produces a "Connect Sheet" every week that accompanies the sermon from Saturday night. This is a great option for your group to study. Some groups choose to inductively study a book of the bible or do a book study on a topic that is relevant. We have a list of study options available for you. Right Now Media and our BiLD website also have group studies available for your group to go through.

How do we handle high-need people? 
Read Romans 12:17-19. Remember that we all have difficulties in different areas of life. If there is a difficult person in your group, try to see behind their behavior and connect with them in some way. It is also important to have good boundaries with people, even in community where we are striving for oneness! Listen, love, and seek out a member of our staff if you need our help. We are here for you!

What exactly is an outpost? 
Mosaic communities gather in three different ways: Discover Mosaic, Community Groups, and Outposts.  

  • Discover Mosaic is an 8-week community experience that provides the opportunity for someone to discover who the Mosaic Family is, consider membership, and experience living as ONE-WORD-SENT together in the process.
  • A Community Group is a community that encourages and equips each other to live as ONE-WORD-SENT where they live, work, and play. Summarized emphasis…think those from Mosaic coming IN.
  • An Outpost is a community that lives as ONE-WORD-SENT toward a single, disciple-making mission of a particular people in a particular place. Learn more by watching this video. Summarized emphasis…think motive of group sent OUT.

How do we handle childcare?
Childcare can be one of the most complicated issues a community group or outpost deals with. Read our helpful tips for suggestions!