Who can take communion?

Anyone who is a follower of Jesus can take communion! The Bible only gives two rules for taking it:

  1. That you have trusted Jesus as your Savior.  
  2. That you have confessed your sins and you aren’t trying to hide anything from God.

How often should I take communion?

The Bible doesn’t give a timeline for how often to take communion. It just says that we are supposed to celebrate communion as a way of remembering what Jesus did for us to pay for our sins. There’s not a right or wrong number of times to take it.

What happens when we take communion?

When we take communion, we celebrate what Jesus did for us. The bread and juice symbolize Jesus’ broken body and blood that was shed for us in order to pay for our sins.

Do we need a pastor to serve communion?

No. The Bible never says that only a pastor can serve communion. Any believer can serve communion to another believer or take it themselves.

How do I serve communion to my family?

Communion can be a very special time of worship and celebration with your family. Use our parent communion guide that includes key verses, discussion questions, and the "Bridge Illustration" to walk your children through accepting Christ.
Here are some suggestions you can do at home:

  • Spend some time in worship together. Sing a song, read a Bible verse, pray together, etc.
  • Take the communion elements and pray over them. Ask the Lord to bless  them and bless your time of celebration.
  • Now,  serve  communion  to  each  other! One  way  of  doing  it  is  giving  the  bread  to  each  person  and  saying, “The  body  of  Christ,  broken  for  you,  (child’s name).” Then, you can serve the juice to each person and say, “The blood of Christ, shed for the forgiveness of your sins, _______."