A New Day is Dawning

November 29, 2021

Isaiah 9:2 NIV

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.

Today's Reading: Isaiah 9:2

Devo Author: Clark Nolen

Date: November 29, 2021

It is no secret around Fellowship that I enjoy a great sunrise or sunset. The sunrise reminds me that God is Creator and He has satisfied my hope for another day. The sunset is God’s reminder to reflect and rest. This past summer my youngest son, Bo, and I had the opportunity to camp with some friends in Canyonlands National Park. As a morning person, one of my favorite things about camping in new places is the anticipation of a great sunrise. The sunrise on this specific morning was special. It was quiet as no one had made their way out of their tents. The color of the sky seemed orange and pink as the light hit the bottom of the clouds. As the sun continued to rise, the light began to bounce off the red rock formations scattered across Eastern Utah. The sun began to warm up the cool air, the tents began to open and we began cooking our favorite camp breakfast. Each time we camp I always anticipate the sunrise with hope. And I look forward to the dawning of a day of adventure.

As a follower of Jesus, hope of a new day fuels my anticipation of something better. In our verse today, we see a new day dawning for the nation of Israel. They have been living in a season of darkness. Those in Galilee experienced the brunt of the Assyrian invasion, exile, and oppression. They had suffered under unfaithful leadership and walked in gloom. However, this very region that experienced death and darkness would be overtaken with the life and light of a King who would walk the roads of Galilee. The Messianic promise that points to a future hope is written in a way as if it has already happened. Hope for a follower of Jesus is not wishful thinking, but a certainty to be acted upon.

When the sun rises, the night gives way to the day, a day full of possibility. In what area of your life do you need hope right now? Marriage? Parenting? School? Work? Friendship? An illness? Or maybe deep in your soul you need a spiritual hope that today is worth waking up for and God has you on this planet for a reason. Israel needed hope in the darkness. They were promised a King who would be born 700 years later. We need hope. The “Son” has risen! The darkness has given way to the Light of the World. Allow this truth to color your day.