Prayer and Action

December 21, 2021

Luke 2:17 NIV

When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child...

Today's Reading: Luke 2:15-18

Devo Author: Margo Bodishbaugh

Date: December 21, 2021

In the previous verses, the angel gave the shepherds the “Good News” that the Messiah was born, and then he left and went back up into heaven. The shepherds hurried to find Joseph, Mary, and the baby. After they found Him, they told everyone who would listen what the angel had said about Jesus. The shepherds didn’t wait around for a week or two before they decided to look for the baby. They took action. They left immediately. And when they saw the Savior, they didn’t keep this miracle to themselves, but they again took action and told others about Him.

Every summer before the start of our Women’s Bible Studies, our team starts praying for and reaching out to university students to help with childcare. This year was different. It might have been a combination of the pandemic and the perpetual “unknown” of what each new week would bring or change in our lives. I don’t know for sure, but very few students seemed interested in coming to the church to care for children. No one called. We continued to pray. We reached out to other leaders to contact anyone they could think of–nothing. It was two weeks before Bible studies would start. Our coordinator Jenna French had six young women committed to providing childcare, but we needed twenty. We prayed. Our team contacted more leaders within the church to ask for help. God answered. He brought the sweet young women we needed.

Like the shepherds searching for Jesus, we took action. We continued to expand the call for help. And we prayed. I’m often reminded by those wiser than myself that the most important action we take is prayer. I love to tell this story. He provided. Each year, God has provided for our needs. He loves to care for us. He loves to provide for our needs. He loves to hear us as we call out to Him.

Is there a situation in your life that could use a little action? Have you taken the action of talking to God? What would it be like to have a conversation with Him knowing He hears you and loves you? Have you ever considered that someone in your sphere needs to hear that you had a struggle, that you took action, and part of that action was talking to God?

Is there one person you could encourage today with a story of God’s love? What a gift we get when we talk to Him! And then, in those answered prayers, we get to give Him all the glory. We have the privilege to tell others of God’s love and provision.