December 24, 2021

Luke 2:30 NIV

"For my eyes have seen your salvation..."

Today's Reading: Luke 2:22-40

Devo Author: Aaron Parks

Date: December 24, 2021

How do you feel about waiting? When you know you are going to have to wait for something, what emotions well up inside you? Do you get stressed out and anxious when something takes longer than expected? What about waiting for something you aren’t sure will actually ever come about?

Let’s practice waiting together. Take some time, right now to wait… Set a timer for 5 minutes and put everything down and simply wait. Don’t do anything during this time. This isn’t time to go check your email or social media! After you wait, pick this back up and continue. (Go ahead. Put this down and wait…)

Now that you have waited, how do you feel? For a few moments, take stock of your current emotions. As you are present with your current emotions, read Luke 2:22-40. Take time to read and experience this story. Don’t rush through it or worry about Bible study techniques. Consider the faith and obedience of Joseph and Mary as they obey the Law in regards to a newborn baby. (If you want to dive a little deeper, explore Leviticus 12:6-8.) Put yourself in the shoes of Simeon and Anna. What were they feeling or thinking?

If you were Simeon, what would you be feeling as the Spirit brings you to the temple on this day (vs. 27)?

Imagine the moment Simeon saw Jesus for the first time, the One for whom he had waited. Read verse 30 several times. What does Simeon say he sees? Simeon sees more than the Messiah, he sees God’s salvation. He sees God fulfilling His promise that he would see “the Lord’s Messiah” (vs. 26). Simeon sees God fulfilling His promise to send One who would redeem the world and make all things right.

Reflect on these questions: With Christmas one day away, how do you see Jesus? Is the way you think of Jesus right now similar or different from the way Simeon and Anna viewed Him? What have you been waiting for during this season? Has anything distracted you from experiencing the hope of God’s promises in Jesus?