FSM Missions

March 19, 2022 to March 25, 2022
Memphis, TN
Eikon Ministries exists to build leaders who will change their communities from the inside out. At the heart of their work to transform their community in Memphis and the world is discipleship. Students will gain a vision for personal discipleship and learn practical ways to begin discipling others.

Who are we partnering with? Eikon Ministries, who focus on developing young men and women with a passion for Christ to make disciples in a diverse context.

What will we be doing? We will spend time diving deep into what it looks like to be discipled in godliness and how to make disciples of those around us. Our students will gain tangible experience putting into practice discipleship and evangelism trainings that we undergo throughout the week.

Cost per person: $450

FSM staff leading this trip: Chance King, Matt Seiter