Discussion Guide


The Redeemer

What are some ways we "make it official" in our culture? A handshake? A notary? What are some things you have done that you felt like were formalized and official?

Review Ruth 1-3 before moving into chapter 4. Who are the main characters? What has happened that sets the scene for Ruth 4?

Read Ruth 4:1-12 aloud.

Take a moment and review Leviticus 25:23-43, and Deuteronomy 25:5-10. Consider reading these aloud as well. How are these provisions in God's law designed to protect the vulnerable? What is the role of the city gate and the elders of the community in these situations?

With those provisions in mind, what is Boaz attempting to do when he gathers the relevant parties at the city gate in Ruth 4:1-4?

Why do you think the unnamed redeemer mentioned in verses 4-6 changes his mind when he finds out that Ruth is part of the transaction? What would have been his obligation to her? Why does he say he needs to protect his own inheritance (or estate) in verse 6? Is this the outcome Boaz was hoping for?

Why do the elders mention Tamar and Perez in verse 12? Review Genesis 38. How is Ruth's situation similar to Tamar's? Why is it significant both Ruth and Tamar appear in Matthew 1:3, 5?

How does the "kinsman-redeemer" idea reveal God's heart for the poor and marginalized? How does it point ahead to the ultimate redemption that God will offer through Jesus? What does it mean that Jesus is our redeemer?

Close your time together thanking God for the redemption that is found in Christ. Consider taking communion together in your group.