Discussion Guide


I Am the Bread of Life

When you go to the bakery, what draws your attention? Do you like the fresh loaves of sourdough and whole wheat, or do you head straight to the sweet breads and pastries? What is it about fresh baked goods that is so appealing?

Read John 6:35. What was the “I AM” statement that Jesus made and what is the concept that He was trying to convey to His listeners?

What is the significance of bread in our lives? How is Jesus like bread to us spiritually? How is His nourishment different than bread that we eat with our meals?

Earlier in John 6, Jesus performed one of His greatest miracles: the feeding of the 5,000. How would this miracle be a backdrop to the statement: “I am the bread of life”?

What does the promise mean that we will “never go hungry or never be thirsty?" What is required of us to experience this promise?

Practically speaking, how do you continue to nourish your soul spiritually? How do you make Jesus your “daily bread?"

Close your time together praying that the Bread of Life will nourish your group and that you will be able to share Him with others this week.