Discussion Guide


I Am the Good Shepherd

Are you an animal lover? What kinds of animals (pets or livestock) have you had in your lifetime? What has been your experience caring for animals? What do you enjoy about it, and what is difficult about having animals?

Read John 10:11. What was the “I AM” statement that Jesus made, and what is the concept that He was trying to convey to His listeners?

What is the difference between the “hired hand” and the “good shepherd”?

The shepherd knows his sheep and the sheep know him. How does this relate to our relationship to the Lord?

Read Psalm 23 and list a few ways that the Lord plays the role of a shepherd in our lives.

What is the significance of our shepherd Jesus laying down His life for us?

What does it mean for you personally that Jesus is your Good Shepherd? Before you pray and close the group, spend some time sharing how Jesus has shepherded you in your walk with him.