Discussion Guide


I am the True Vine

Do you have a green thumb? What has been your experience with gardening, plants, or lawn care? Do you enjoy the work of lawn and garden, or is it a chore for you?

Read John 15:1. What was the “I AM” statement that Jesus made and what is the concept that He was trying to convey to His listeners?

What does it mean for Jesus to be the vine and for us to be the branches?

Verse 4 gives us the “key” for being fruitful in the Christian life. What is it and what does that look like on an everyday, practical level?

What does it mean to be “apart” from Jesus? What are the results? Can you be “apart” from Jesus and still be going through the motions spiritually?

What role does obedience play in bearing fruit spiritually?

Consider splitting into men with men and women with women. Share honestly about what kind of fruit you are seeing in your life. How can your group pray for you to abide in Christ and bear good fruit?