Discussion Guide


Encounters- Nicodemus

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that changed how you looked at things? Maybe it was a parent or teacher who explained something you'd never understood or a friend who revealed something that shook you. Share what it was like to have a conversation that had a big impact on you.

In the opening verses (John 3:1-2), what do you learn about this man Nicodemus? What kind of a discussion does he hope to have with Jesus? Why does he come to Him at night?

What is Jesus trying to tell Nicodemus about being “born again” in John 3:3-8?

What does Jesus reveal in verses 16-21 about Himself, God the Father, eternal life, and each person’s need for salvation?

Read John 3:1-21 aloud. This passage is packed with important theological statements. Which is most meaningful to you?

John 3:16 is perhaps the most quoted verse from the Bible. What does it mean for you?

Close your time together asking the Lord to reveal Himself to people that you know that need to experience rebirth in Him. Ask Him to give you an opportunity to talk with them, just as Jesus talked with Nicodemus.