Discussion Guide


Encounters- Mary of Bethany

What is the most memorable gift you have ever received? What made that gift so special? Share with the group.

Read John 12:1-11 aloud.

Based on what you know about Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, why do you think Mary was using the expensive perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus?

Knowing what is to come soon with Jesus’ crucifixion, how was Mary’s anointing especially meaningful?

This ointment is valued at 300 denarii by Judas; that would be about one year’s worth of wages for a laborer. How would you have reacted to seeing (and smelling!) Mary’s extravagant act of devotion?

How can you interpret Jesus’ statement in John 12:8?

What is your devotion like to Jesus? How does the extravagance of Mary’s love for Christ inspire you to prioritize Him more in your life and in your giving?

Close your time by expressing your love for Jesus aloud in prayer. Give each person an opportunity to voice their love for Christ to Him. Consider singing a chorus of "Amazing Grace" as an act of worship and devotion before you end your time together.