Discussion Guide


Encounters- Pilate

Who is the highest-ranking political leader you have ever met? What was the circumstance of your meeting? How did you feel when you met that person? 

Read John 18:28-40 aloud.

Who was Pontius Pilate and why was it necessary that Jesus be brought before him for trial?

What did Jesus reveal about Himself in His interview with Pilate? Why is this important?

Pilate asks a great question in John 18:38: “What is truth?” Spend some answering his question. What is the source of truth? Is truth absolute for all people in all places at all times? Can truth change?

When Pilate offered to release a prisoner, who did the Jewish crowd request? How do you think this made Jesus feel to hear them cry out his name?

The arrest and trials of Jesus put Him before the most powerful men in Jerusalem at that time. It shows that God can use adversity to advance the message of the Kingdom. How has God used your struggles to proclaim His truth and glory?

We usually only think deeply about the trials and crucifixion of Jesus around Easter. Spend some time as a group thanking God for sending His Son. Consider sharing communion together to remember the sacrifice of Christ.