Discussion Guide


Encounters- Thomas

Can you remember a time that you felt sure something was false, but it proved to be true? Maybe someone told you something or you read something online that seemed outlandish, but you later confirmed that it was factual. Share with the group.

Read John 20:19-29.

Why do you think Jesus repeatedly says, “Peace be with you” to the disciples when He emerges? How does this statement address their fears?

In John 20:21 we see this miraculous appearance has a message. What does this “sending” statement mean for the disciples?

How do you suppose Thomas felt about missing Jesus’ appearance? In what ways can you relate to his reaction in verses 24-25?

How does Jesus handle Thomas’ doubts? How is this encouraging when you experience doubts of your own?

In what way(s) are you having to trust in Jesus right now? Where do you need His peace?

How can we encourage one another in our doubts? How can your group come alongside you in those places where you are struggling to trust the Lord? Close your time praying for each other in specific ways.