Discussion Guide


Healing the Officials Son

How sick do you have to be before you would go to see a doctor? How sick does your child have to be before you would take him/her to the doctor or hospital?

Read John 4:43-54. "Believe” is a keyword found multiple times in this passage. What does it mean to you to believe in Jesus?

Verse 4:44 states that “a prophet has no honor in his own country.” Why would Jesus say this about His hometown of Nazareth? (For more insight, see Matthew 13:53-58.)

For background about the people gathered at Cana, read John 2:23-25, then look again at John 4:45, 48. Discuss the difference between belief in miraculous signs versus believing in Jesus.

The father in this story appears to have a genuine belief in Jesus (John 4:50). How do you suppose this miraculous healing of his son impacted his faith and the belief of his family (John 4:53)?

How does this passage on belief challenge your faith walk with Jesus?