Discussion Guide


Healing a Crippled Man at Bethesda

Who is the person in your family that researches medical conditions online and tries to diagnose ailments for themselves – and everyone else?

Read John 5:1-15. Why do you think that Jesus asked the question in John 5:6?

What did the man’s answer reveal about his situation and his hope for relief in John 5:7?

How would you have felt if you were the man who had been healed after 38 years and other people were questioning whether it was right for you to carry a mat, or even to be healed, on a Sabbath?

What can this passage teach us about the way we view our problems and their solutions, compared with the way that the Lord sees them?

How does this story inspire you to pray or think differently about a challenge that you have faced for a long time, where a God-sized breakthrough is needed?