Discussion Guide


Healing a Blind Man

Healing a Blind Man

Tell about a time when you played in the mud as a child.

Read John 9:1-7. Describe the scene and the miraculous sign that happens in this passage. What is Jesus’ perspective on the miracle in verse 3?

Read John 9:8-23. What were the reactions to this blind man receiving sight by a) people who knew him, b) by the Pharisees and Jewish leaders, and c) by his parents? How are these reactions similar or different from people who read about Jesus’ miracles today?

Read John 9:24-34. What was the man’s response to gaining his sight when speaking about it for the second time with the Pharisees?

Read John 9:35-41. What is the man’s spiritual response to Jesus? How are his physical sight and his spiritual “sight” linked?

What challenges (physical, emotional, financial, etc.) can God use from your life to reveal Himself more clearly and to draw others to Jesus?