I Am the Gate

Did you grow up with locked doors and closed gates, or unlocked doors and open areas? Did you have a home where people came and went, maybe through a side or back door, or was entry into your home carefully controlled? How about now? When do you lock your home up, and when do you leave it open?

Read John 10:7-9. What was the “I AM” statement that Jesus made and what is the concept that He was trying to convey to His listeners?

What is the role of a gate in a fenced-in area? What does this metaphor tell us about Jesus?

What does Jesus say about those who try to enter into the fold by other means than the gate? How are they contrasted to the shepherds of the sheep?

If Jesus is The Gate, does that make Him “inclusive” or “exclusive”? How does John 1:12 pair with John 10:9?

If Jesus is The Gate, what does this mean for each of us? What does this mean for our families, friends, co-workers, and neighbors?

Spend some time at the end of your meeting praying for a chance to talk to someone this week about walking through The Gate.

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