Re-Commit (Parable of the Talents)

If you were going away for a long time, who would you put in charge of your things? Why would you choose that person? What would you expect them to do while you were gone? What would be the first thing you would check when you got back home?

Ask someone to read the parable (Matthew 25:14-20) out loud. 

Now close your Bibles. As a group, retell the parable. Now, open your Bibles and review the parable. What did you add or leave out? What is the main idea of this parable?

What would be a modern equivalent of this parable? What are some things that people are put in charge of and held accountable for today?

What is the reward that is given to the first two servants? What happens to the third servant who buried his bag of gold (or talent)? Do you think this was harsh, lenient, or appropriate? Explain your answer.

Did the master reward the servants for the return on investment (ROI) or something else? Notice the exact response of the master in verses 21 through 23. How does the theme of faithfulness fit into this story?

If the Master returned today, what would He say about how you are using the resources He has given you to serve your church? What about outside the church, in your community?

What kind of responsibility do you feel to develop and use the resources God has given you for His purposes?

Which do you struggle the most to use for the Lord’s purposes: your time, your talent, or your treasure? Why do you think that one is the most difficult for you to release?

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