Made Alive in Christ

Think of a gift you’ve received that still has special significance to you.

Who gave it to you and why was it special?

Read Ephesians 2:1-10

How do verses 1-3 describe our lives before Christ? How does living according to the “ways of the world” and “following your desires and cravings” leave you feeling “dead” or “deserving of wrath”?

According to verse 4, what motivated God to save us? What has God’s love, mercy, and grace looked like in your life?

Verse 8 refers to our salvation as a gift. What does this gift say about the One giving it? Is this how you typically view God?

How does grace motivate our good works differently than guilt or fear? If we are not saved by good works, but for good works, then what good works do you feel God may have in mind for you to participate in?

End your group time in prayer for one another to be motivated to good works by the grace of God who loves us.

Daily Readings