Living as Children of the Light

Do you have a family member or friend that you often find yourself imitating without realizing it? What about their influence has shaped you?

Read Ephesians 5:1-21

According to verses 1-2, as a child learns to walk by imitating their parents, who do we look to as our example for walking in love?

Paul makes clear in verses 3-6 that sexual immorality, demeaning language, and greed are signs that someone is not living as a child of God. How are these behaviors contradictory to imitating God’s way of love?

Part of walking in the light is exposing our sin before the Lord and others through confession. Is there any sin struggle that you need to bring to light and confess to the group? (If in a co-ed group, consider splitting up by gender.)

In verses 15-21, Paul contrasts being drunk with being filled with the Spirit. How does being under the influence of the Spirit differ from being under the influence of alcohol?

Paul mentions singing psalms and spiritual songs together as a way to live under the influence of the Spirit. How does the practice of singing truths together help the church grow in unity and holiness? Consider ending your group by singing a verse of Amazing Grace together or another familiar hymn.