Fellowship Prayer Garden

Symbols are a part of the fabric of our Christian life. The ancient Hebrews built altars and piled memorial stones together to commemorate important spiritual events or encounters with God. Today, Christians embrace baptism and communion as rich symbols of faith.  

Here at Fellowship, we have established the Fellowship "Prayer Garden" as a symbol our utter dependency upon God's empowering presence. This is a dedicated place for prayer and thoughtful reflection. It challenges us to seek God's perspective for life.

Where is it located? 

West of "The Lodge" at the northwest corner of our property. See the campus map for more detailed directions. 

When is it available (open)? 

Every day during daylight hours. Feel free to come, to rest, to meditate on the greatness of our God and His purposes for our lives. 

Will it be expanded (enlarged)? 

Yes. Through the years, the Prayer Garden will be completed within its assigned area. More paths, plants, trees, flowers and shrubs will be added. In the future, a Prayer Cottage will also be included as a part of the Prayer Garden. 

For further information regarding the Prayer Garden, contact Dwight Mix or call 479-659-3605.