As a Media Resourcing team, we see that technology can be a gateway to encourage others and tell the grander story of what God is doing in our lives. We believe when you are confident to use digital tools, you will have a big opportunity to get creative and share more about how God has changed your life.

Here, you will find resources and tips from the Media Resourcing team. Some resources are provided from classes we teach at different times throughout the year. Others are videos and resources for navigating and using our website. At any point if you have an idea for a class or are having difficulty finding what you need, reach out to us and let us know!

Tips for Using the Website

BiLD Classes & Resources

This video will help you learn how to register for BiLD class and find curriculum resources as you study to train and equip yourself in spiritual growth.

Navigating the Website

We know finding your way around a new website can be like moving in to a new house. Here, we highlight some of our favorite things about the new website and the Top 5 things you will want to know!

Online Group Management

As a group leader, there are many options you have to personalize your experience and communicate with your group all in one place. Use the handout below to walk through each step.