We Believe
A Survey of Theology

This classroom experience is a 12-week survey of the basic doctrines of the Scriptures following an outline-approach to systematic theology or basic Bible doctrine. This experience helps people know what we believe at Fellowship NWA and why we believe it.


Topics Covered
Session 1: Prolegomena (Introduction)
Session 2: Bibliology (Doctrine of the Bible)
Session 3: Theology Proper (Doctrine of God)
Session 4: Anthropology (Doctrine of Man)
Session 5: Hamartiology (Doctrine of Sin)
Session 6: Christology (Doctrine of Christ)
Session 7: Soteriology: Part One (Doctrine of Salvation)
Session 8: Soteriology: Part Two (Doctrine of Salvation)
Session 9: Angelology (Doctrine of Angels, Satan, Demons)
Session 10: Pneumatology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)
Session 11: Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church)
Session 12: Eschatology (Doctrine of End Times)