Saturday, July 11| 5:00 or 6:45pm
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Do you struggle with starting conversations about Jesus in your encounters with people? Join us and learn how to do relational evangelism.

blessing the nations

Blessing the Nations: Understanding God's Heart for the Nations, is a four-part class that will introduce you to the plan of God to rescue mankind from the devastation of the fall.  Classes begin July 18.  Register through myFellowship.


This summer, we will jump in to The Life of David. We will look at his calling, blessing, foolishness, passion and ultimate reality. The Saturday night teaching slides and sermon audio are available. We also encourage you to study along with us at home by using the Connect Sheets.

Our Vision: To change the heart and soul of Northwest Arkansas and the world.

Our Mission: To produce and release spiritual leaders who know and express the authentic Christ to Northwest Arkansas and the world.