We welcome any and all who wish to visit Fellowship for one of our weekend services. 

Handicap Accessibility

Parking: Look for Handicap marked spaces in front of the Children’s Center, in parking lot on the Southwest side of the Worship Center, and on the East side of the Worship Center.

Wheel Chairs: Fellowship provides a limited number of wheel chairs available for use.  Due to the limited number, we recommend bringing your own wheel chair. All buildings have ramps or are level with the parking lot for easy access to anyone using a wheel chair or walker. Wheel chair seating is available in our Worship Center, check with an usher for locations.

Elevators: Second-floor access via elevator is available in all buildings with public areas on the second floor (Family Center, Children’s Center and The Training Center).

Restrooms & Fountains: All water fountain areas and restrooms are handicap accessible. 

Hearing Equipment

Hearing equipment is available for use in our main worship service. Stop by the sound booth prior to the service to obtain a device to assist with hearing the worship service.

Interpreter for the Deaf

An interpreter for our deaf community is available weekly during the NWA Sunday morning service at 11:00 am.  In event of inclement weather, however, these services will not be available. 

Fellowship also provides a Special Needs Ministry.