Fellowship, we are making great progress in raising the needed funds to construct a Bentonville campus.  Your generosity has given the Elders great confidence in our ability to complete this project in a timely manner.  Many of you have visited the site where Fellowship Bentonville will be built and have prayed for God’s blessing on that property.  We encourage you to continue to visit and tie a ribbon on the fence as a reminder of your prayers for the future.  Your financial pledges and commitments are needed now, more than ever.  The Elders will decide very soon when we should break ground and much of our decision will depend on the finances available to begin.  Please consider making a recurring financial gift to this project.  EVERY GIFT COUNTS!  It isn’t about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.  All of us doing our part will make this dream a reality.  BENTONVILLE, IT’S TIME!!!


Why does FELLOWSHIP need a campus in Bentonville?

To advance our mission and expand our outreach! Just like we experienced when Fellowship Fayetteville launched in 2016, we believe that Fellowship Bentonville will increase our ability to:

  • See more spiritual leaders involved in the joy of Kingdom work.
    Our mission is to produce and release spiritual leaders who know and express the authentic Christ to NWA and the world. This can be accomplished best in our communities with a local campus.
  • See more people reached for Christ.
    With a Bentonville Campus, we will have a strategic base for reaching out to neighbors in the north Benton County area—students, young professionals, internationals, singles, families, and senior adults. 
  • Be a generous presence for the good of our community.
    Land has been generously given to Fellowship to establish a local presence in Bentonville.  We believe a local church is the best way to live as a generous people who bless the communities of north Benton County.

Why does BENTONVILLE need a Fellowship campus?

  • Because the Bentonville area is growing and changing.
    Our region is rapidly growing in both size and diversity. This is an enormous opportunity for churches to share the love of Jesus with neighbors and friends where we live, work, and play.
  • Because people are searching for a tangible expression of the presence of Christ.
    An increasing population means more people will be looking for the grace and truth of Jesus. A healthy church home is the best way for people to experience this through Christ and His followers.
  • Because we want to continue to love our community.  
    Fellowship has existed as a church in Bentonville since 1984. A Fellowship Bentonville campus will allow us to have even greater impact in our community…for generations to come!

Bentonville and the surrounding communities represent the fastest population growth area in the state of Arkansas. In fact, Bentonville has experienced a 94% growth rate since the year 2000!



Pray for Fellowship Bentonville

Stop by the future site of Fellowship Bentonville, on McCollum Dr. just North of Tiger Blvd, to pray for God’s blessing and guidance in this project. As you pray, please consider how you and your family can join financially with many others to help make Fellowship Bentonville a reality. We are challenging our church body for 100% participation in partnering on this project.

Bentonville Its Time

Connect With Us

This is an exciting time for Fellowship Bentonville. The elders have approved us moving forward and starting the process of fundraising and developing our new campus. We do not have a launch date set for Fellowship Bentonville, but that does not keep you from joining us now!

Each month we meet together for Fellowship Bentonville Community Worship on the 4th Sunday of the month. Each of the other weekend of the month, we worship together in the main Worship Center as part of Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas.  This special time for Community Worship gives us a chance to connect as a Bentonville community, hear from community groups and community leaders, and celebrate what God is already doing in our city.

We personally invite you to join us and connect deeper with what God is doing in Bentonville, Bella Vista and the surrounding communities.

-Bart Sego and Abel Schafer