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Leadership Development

NWA Women

Training and resources to develop leadership in the Fellowship NWA Women's Ministry

Who I Am In Christ

Spiritual Growth Assessment

Group Stages

Praying for your Group Members

Group Icebreakers

Connecting With Women that You Serve

Proud People - Broken People

Biblical Model of Greiving

Myths of a Happy Christian

Sharing Your Story

Bridge Evangelism Tool

Owning Your Spiritual Growth

Outline for Leading a Discussion

Quiet Time Devotional Guide

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Forgiveness Handout

Using the Unhelpful Thinking Style Worksheet

Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Faith Principle Worksheet

God the Father | Attributes of God

Attributes of God

Struggling With Who God Is

Icebreaker Ideas for Small Group

Facilitating a Successful Small Group

Indepth Prayer Outline

Scriptures to Pray over Women in Your Study

Prayers to Pray over your Ministry Leaders

Modeling Christ to the Women in Your Group

Questions for Spiritual Snacks

Wondering Questions

Praying the Names of God

Sharing the Gospel through Relationship and Story