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Parables 2017

NWA Students

Gifts Entrusted

Gifts Entrusted

Hunter House

The Talents

Lesson 12

Sheep and Goats

Lesson 11

The Weeds

Thomas Brown
Lesson 10

A Treasure and a Pearl

Abbie Lay
Lesson 9

The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

Caleb Freeman

The Wicked Tennants

Lesson 7

The Friend at Midnight

Hunter House
Lesson 6

The Rich Fool

Lesson 5

The Unforgiven Servant

Thomas Brown
Lesson 4

A Sheep, A Coin, and a Wondering Boy

Hunter House
Lesson 3

Builders & Kings

Tori Vaughan
Lesson 2

The Sower

Simon Foster
Lesson 1